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Hey, my name is Courtney Smith, and I recently I release a Special Intelligence Report called Financial Crisis 2019. It details the coming financial catastrophe. 

We will see:
  •  Plunging Stock Market: The market plunged 50% in the last Financial Crisis. But the NASDAQ plunged 80% in the Dot Com Bust. We will see at least a 50% plunge this time
  • Massive Unemployment: The last Financial Crisis brought unemployment to record levels. You know someone who lost their job. Perhaps you lost your job!
  • Savaged Real Estate Market: Bank lending will freeze up again and millions of people will lose their home.
  •  Huge Corporate Bankruptcies: One big difference this time around will be the high number of corporate bankruptcies. Millions will lose their job.
How It Will Happen: The Early Warning Signs Are Already Here! Beware!
The Federal Reserve Bank has hike interest rates dramatically and are squeezing money supply like a nearly empty toothpaste tube.
The Federal Reserve Bank is crushing the economy and the stock market
The Fed has raised interest rates dramatically to almost 3% from effectively zero! This dramatic rise is starting to hurt the economy.

Default rates are starting to rise in sub-prime auto loans and student loans.

Farm bankruptcies are at the highest level since the 1980's. 

But the Fed is crushing the global economy too. The US dollar is the most common currency for international loans. So rising US interest rates are causing borrowers around the world to be pounded. Their interest costs are rising. In addition, the strong US dollar means they have to come up with extra money to satisfy their lenders.

This is particularly hitting emerging markets because they have little room for error.

But it is hitting China hard to on top of the beating they are taking in the Trade War.
It is critical that you learn how to protect yourself and your family from the next Financial Crisis
Remember 2008?

Do you remember:
  • Skyrocketing job loss
  • Banks going belly up?
  • Millions losing their homes?
  • Corporations collapsing?
  • And more...
The next Financial Crisis will be much worse!


Because we have a slew of new problems and nothing was done to cure the problems of the 2008 Financial Crisis. They are still there and getting bigger all the time!
How To Make Money In Bear Markets
This amazing new course will teach you all you need to know to:
  • What is a bear market and a crash: You will learn the difference
  •  What causes bear markets: You will learn the deep underlying reason bear markets happen
  • How to predict bear markets waaaay in advance: Bear markets can be predicted up to one year in advance. Learn the easy techniques to see them in the future.
  •  How to protect yourself and family from bear markets: There are three key techniques to protect your family's financial future. 
  •  How to make massive profits in bear markets: You will learn which instruments to use and when to buy and sell to earn potentially life changing money in the coming bear market.
You MUST learn how to protect and profit in bear markets. You financial future depends on it.
This course is easy to understand because it comes in bite sized video instruction. You will be given a lesson every day or two so you never get overwhelmed.

In addition, you will be given worksheets to help you make it all a reality.
You shouldn't take any risk in taking this course. So, take the course. Yes, take the whole thing. Wait, take the whole course and wait another 30 days for it to sink in. We will refund your entire investment if you are not totally satisfied.
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So we are discounting the course to five easy payments of $97 each. Just invest $97 today and then four more for the information you need to really protect yourself and even profit from the coming Financial Crisis.

It is not a matter of if it is coming. We know there is going to be a Financial Crisis. The only decision is when.
NOW is the time to take action!
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