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There are many new ways to make money trading! So Options University has decided to present a virtual summit starring two great experts plus me! ;)

It's going to be live from 9 am PT to 3 pm PT on June 30, 2018.
We are going to have five power packed one hour presentations giving NEW ideas for making money. You will learn:
  •  Marijuana Stocks: Pot stocks are the new bitcoin. Marijuana is being legalized all over the world and fortunes are being made. It's still the Wild Wild West so you need an expert like Ian Cooper to show you how to make money in this brand new field
  • How To Create Cash Flow From the Stock Market: Courtney Smith will then show you hard hitting but easy techniques for creating cash flow from the market. These techniques are designed not to create massive money but consistent money. You can't afford to miss this session!
  • Sentiment Breakthrough: We usually think of sentiment as a how many people are bullish. But sentiment expert Abe Cofnas reveals an innovative way to look at sentiment. This breakthrough is easy to use and he will demonstrate how to use it trading forex. A totally new way to look at the market!
  •   How To Profit From the CURRENT Explosion In Biotech: We are in the Golden Age of biotech and biotech investing. Ian Cooper is THE expert in this explosive field. This presentation reveals how he has been able to create over 95% winners!
  •  How To Profit From the Rest of 2018 In The Stock Market: We are in the middle of a muddle in the stock market. But legendary trader, Courtney Smith, will show you exactly what will happen for the rest of the year and how to profit from it!
This is an incredible lineup of experts revealing investment secrets you can't find anywhere else! 

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Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
We have three incredible experts to train you and guide you:
  • Ian Cooper: THE biotech trading expert! Now covering marijuana stocks to create more potential profits!
  • Abe Cofnas: Truly the most innovative thinker in sentiment based trading. He now reveals his latest breakthrough!
  • Courtney Smith: Legendary trader, author, speaker. Winner of more trading awards than anybody!
 Learn innovative and interesting ways to make money.
Have world renowned experts reveal their secrets.
Take all this money making info free.
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Courtney Smith
P.S. : You won't find another virtual summit anywhere in the world with such amazing and new information. Sign up now! 
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