How To Take You Trading To A Higher Lever...
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How To Build A Trading Business And Turn It Into A Monster Business...
Hey, my name is Courtney Smith and I've been trading for over 45 years. I worked for large banks for about 25 years. 

I was probably like you. I traded and traded. I made some money and lost some money. 

But I never made consistent money. I just flopped around.

I knew that I could make money but I just wasn't consistent. My trading profits were like riding a roller coaster!

But then I discovered some things that made me a profitable trader...

I realized that the actual entry and exits were not the problem. I was actually doing those well. I had some good techniques. I knew that I was missing something...

I joined a huge bank and they started me on the journey to making trading a real business.
Here It Is: How I Took My Trading And Turned It Into A Trading Business...
My boss told me to build a business plan for the year. He told me he wanted me to tell him what me and the traders that reported to me were going to do that year. He wanted to know:
  • How much money were we going to make
  • What instruments we were going to use
  • What strategies were we going to use
  •  What time horizon were we going to trade over
"This dramatically changed my trading..."
Basically, he was forcing me and my traders to really focus on the strategies of making money not simply the tactics of buying and selling. He raised my consciousness about trading.

I now knew that entry and exit techniques are great but not enough to make consistent profit. I now knew that I have to think strategically to make really big money. But I also knew that this change was going to dramatically change my profits, and for the better!

I also saw that I would be calmer in my trading because everything I was doing was for a purpose, a much larger purpose than just grinding out profits every day or, worse, riding a roller coaster all the time!
"You Become A Master Of Trading..."
You now are in control of your trading at an extremely high level! 

Here is what a Master Trader wants to do and know to create massive profits:
  • What is your trading plan?
  • What instruments will you trade?
  • What time horizon will you trade?
  • What techniques will you use?
  • How can I make more money every year?
  • How do I control my risk?
  • How can I use risk as an offensive weapon not just defense?
  • How should I track my trades and what forms should I use?
  • What forms should I use to analyze my trades?
  • And more...
Where else could I add in things to increase my trading profits? 

As you can guess, that put us on a new mission. 
Jump Start Your Trading!
We've put together an amazing and unique course to help you become the Master of your Trading Business. It's called Jump Start Your Trading! 

It contains all the elements in the list above. Everything. 

It's all presented in bite sized video instruction. No overwhelm. Easy to digest.
"This is trading, but on a much higher level..."

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